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Uniquely Unusual Wire Sculpture 

"Unbelievable,  so exquisite. Thank you" 


"Beautiful Ballerina Sculpture, super fast shipping, could not be more pleased!"


A little info and Terms

Carol Macera



noun [ U ] UK /ˌser.ənˈdɪp.ə.ti/ US /ˌser.ənˈdɪp.ə.t̬i/ formal

the fact of finding interesting or valuable things


"It's only wire......."

....I overheard a man say to a little girl he was with as she was pleading with him to buy her one of my little fairies at a craft fayre I was attending many years ago when I was fairly new to wire artistry. 

I thought, 'you either get it or you don't'. He obviously didn't and the little girl never got her fairy.

I came across the art form of wire sculpture one day and I was captivated.

I loved the idea of creating a piece of art that could last a lifetime, from something as unlikely as wire. I made my first piece, which lives in my garden, a little fairy strutting on top of a fence and I was hooked. Even now sometimes I look at a finished sculpture and am still amazed that it is made entirely from wire!

My pieces are on display worldwide from Australia to Europe to the USA. 

I welcome enquiries for bespoke sculpture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and do get in touch with any feedback or enquiries. Please use the links for social media to see many more sculptures. 

My terms....

Any requests for bespoke sculptures will be subject to the following terms…

1. All correspondence will be via email

2. An amount for deposit will be required at my discretion and for larger sculptures a deposit will be required of one third of the total cost with the remainder payable upon completion of the sculpture and approval of the client and payable within 14 days of completion or within 7 days during November and December. 

If the balance is not paid withing the required timescale then the deposit will not be refunded and Serendipity Wire will be at liberty to sell the piece to recover costs.

3. The cost of the sculpture will be agreed before any work is started.

4. Completion time will be dependent on the size and complexity and how busy I am with other work. I will try and give a good estimate of when the sculpture will be finished.

5. Any requests for changes to the sculpture following the work being started/finished may be subject to further costs which will be made clear before the changes are to be made. Please be aware that it may be the case that no changes can be made to the sculpture at certain stages of the work.

Any photographs taken of your piece during the process and when finished are my own copyright. Be aware images of your sculpture may be used for advertising and social media unless agreed otherwise.

Every piece is copyright of Carol Macera, Serendipity Wire

By entering into a commission agreement (and/or paying the deposit) you agree to these terms.

Hand Made in Shropshire, England